Princess Maker MSN chat/discussion
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Autor:  DJTrooperLiz [ 13 cze 2010, o 03:41 ]
Temat:  Princess Maker MSN chat/discussion

I'm posting this around because I want to gather as many fans as possible :'P So if you're on the PM LJ community, you may have seen this already.

Okay, so there's a notable lack of crack/funny type discussion in the Princess Maker fandom. Like to draw silly fanart? Poke fun at the many characters of the PM world? Just wanna chat while you're doing a playthrough of any PM game and wanna vent any frustrations or the like? Have MSN?

Usually it's just me and Kazetaco these days, but you're welcome to join! My MSN name is, add me if you wanna get added to the group!(I'd add Kaze's but I don't have permission so... :'D;;)

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